Shelby Harvey

Shelby Harvey


Summer 2017 Internships

Course Description:

Supervised experience in a pre-approved internship program in a related field of Product Development or Design. The student must work a minimum of 240 hours for a 4 credit hour internship or a minimum of 320 hours for a 6 credit hour internship, complete the student workbook, earn a satisfactory evaluation from the internship sponsor and complete a journal.

Course Objectives:

Cooperative Education is primarily designed as an academic program to integrate classroom theory with actual practice (experiential learning) , and to provide students with hands-on experience under the supervision of an employer, with course work relating to theories and concepts that are supervised by a faculty member.  Students do not receive credit for simply working.  Grade assessment is based upon the following requirements:



Internship with Hayley Paige at JLM Couture

At this internship, I had the opportunity to work closely with Hayley Paige on the development and production of her Spring 2018 lines for Hayley Paige, Blush by Hayley Paige, and the Hayley Paige Occasions Lines. My responsibilities included sketching for 2018 collections, photoshop, assist on set of photoshoots, create samples to be sent to production, patternwork, and creating Mood and Reference Boards. 


Internship with Asher Levine Couture

At this internship opportunity, I was able to work closely with Asher Levine at his studio to develope custom orders, and multiple collections for various events. My responsibilities included assisting in construction of Whoopi Goldberg's 2017 Tony's Gown, pattern work and fittings, sourcing trim and fabrics, and beading and embellishment.

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